Alma Sana selected to join Gavi Infuse community

Photo credit: Mazur / Griberg / Gavi

Alma Sana was one of 15 international startup organizations selected to join Gavi Infuse, an initiative by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, designed to accelerate the uptake of scalable innovations that save children’s lives through vaccination by providing dedicated resources and support. The 2017 focus was on improving equity of access to vaccines in Gavi-eligible countries.

The Alma Sana bracelet was the only low-tech innovation chosen to be a finalist. The finalists met for the annual workshop, held in Barcelona this year, along with stakeholders from Gavi, UNICEF, the WHO, CDC, governmental and other organizations who offered feedback, advice and support for scaling our innovations. We are proud and honored to join this prestigious community, and we are excited to contribute to and learn from it as we work to scale our bracelets to new countries.

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