The team has continuously developed evidence-based key messages and designed advocacy strategies to raise awareness, engage a wider audience and ensure that key stakeholders in the Ministry of Finance, the private sector and general public are aware of the huge funding gap that poses a great risk to the sustainability of the immunization program, missed opportunities to save lives, and the recent gains NPHCDA has made on improving RI in Nigeria.

Research and Evaluation

The team provides an intervention study to evaluate the impact of implementing a complex intervention to improve accountability in routine immunization service delivery. The study is being implemented in phases- formative and implementation. The intervention design was informed by a formative study conducted in June 2014, which identified three major accountability gaps as lack of clarity of roles and responsibilities among health workers, poor use of data for action and weak community linkage.

Technical assistance

We provide technical support to the NPHCDA on RI and PHC strengthening, new vaccines introduction, data quality, advocacy strategies, strengthening the national immunization technical advisory group etc.