Primary Healthcare Under one Roof (PHCUOR) reform support

DCL consultants worked in conjunction with NPHCDA, IVAC and other partners to develop a tool to assess the implementation of PHCUOR under nine domains of SPHCDA/B namely; Governance and Ownership, Legislation, Minimum Service Package (MSP), Repositioning, Systems Development, Operational Guidelines, Funding Sources and Structures, Human Resources and Office setup. We further supported data collection in the various states, analysis and development of a national scorecard that served as an advocacy kit to catalyze the full establishment of SPHCDA/B by decision-makers at subnational levels. We also provided technical input in the development of the National PHCUOR Implementation guidelines that will assist states carry out this reform. In addition, DCL was part of a team who developed a narrative report on the status of implementation of the PHC reform in Nigeria. We are currently working with several partners and the NPHCDA to produce a scorecard that demonstrates the progress states have made on the PHCUOR reform. The scorecard serves as an accountability and advocacy tool.