DCL Overview

Direct Consulting and Logistics (DCL) is a Limited Liability Company established by public health specialists, environmentalists and educationists who desire to see a healthy, prosperous and peaceful Nigeria. DCL contributes to these goals by working through and for sub-national, national and international partners and clients. We provide subject matter expertise, deliver high quality research and support project management and implementation to help our clients achieve exceptional results.

The Data Quality Diagnosis Project

DCL implements and manages the International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC) at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health projects in Nigeria. One of such projects is a routine immunization (RI) strengthening operations research project titled “Data Quality Diagnosis: Operations research to diagnose RI data quality issues and recommend corrective actions”. The project aims to evaluate a multi-level determinant’s framework to demonstrate the extent to which supposed determinants play a role in creating the conditions for poor RI data quality. This will entail using a landscape analysis to describe, measure, diagnose and recommend solutions to the data quality issues affecting the immunization system in Nigeria. These diagnostics will be conducted in collaboration with the National Primary Health Care Development Agency and other partners through the data quality working group, in six selected states i.e. one in each geopolitical zone of Nigeria.


  • To describe determinants of poor quality data at the state, LGA and health facility levels.
  • To develop and disseminate comprehensive solutions to address data quality issues at various levels and by different stakeholders.


  • A comprehensive description of the drivers of poor data quality and how they vary by geographic location and service delivery setting.
  • A mapping of on-going data quality improvement activities. 
  • A data quality improvement action plan with clear timelines and activities targeting specific issues.

Consultancy Description: 

DCL is seeking a passionate, detail oriented and result focused consultant for the Data Quality Diagnosis project. The consultant will be based in Abuja, Nigeria and will support in the collection and analysis of all relevant data required for project reports and publications. She/he will report directly to the Country Director for IVAC, who is also the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project. Additional oversight and supervision will be provided by the DCL Senior Research Associate.

Specific responsibilities for the consultant include:

  1. Develop data collection tools and data management system that optimize statistical efficiency.
  2. Conduct interviews at the national, state, LGA and health facility levels.
  3. Collate information in a systematic and comprehensive manner.
  4. Perform analysis on all related data as needed.
  5. Provide weekly and monthly update (through written reports and presentation) on progress of the project.
  6. Prepare weekly and monthly reports on the activities carried out to the PI.
  7. Provide technical and analytical support in writing and publishing related publications.
  8. Represent DCL in all technical meetings related to the project.
  9. Carry out other responsibilities assigned by the PI.

You can download the details here on how to apply

STEP-IN Project

The Strengthening Training for EPI and PHC in Nigeria (STEP-IN) project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) to support National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) improve capacity building approaches.  Funded through the Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Centre (IVAC) the STEP-IN project is managed and implemented by DCL.

The STEP-IN project aims to improve the quality of the EPI and PHC workforce by institutionalizing and strengthening capacity building for managers and frontline health workers (HW). The trio of NPHCDA, IVAC and DCL are working in partnership on the project in three states, Bauchi, Niger and Rivers to test strategies to:

  • link in academic institutions for in-service training and strengthen government-led training working groups
  • shorten the Training of Trainers (TOT) cascade using state-based core trainers (a mix of teachers and immunization managers) to directly train the HWs on basic immunization service delivery
  • mainstream training methods grounded in andragogy and supported by follow up mentoring

STEP-IN has also developed a training database to enhance coordination of capacity building by national and state governments.

To achieve this goal, STEP-IN adapted and enriched the existing training curricular to reflect best practices in adult learning using appropriately designed instructional materials. Additional components like performance support, post-training supervision and change management were also included. Through the linkages with universities, schools of health technology and nursing, STEP-IN facilitates integration of lecturers as trainers, thereby providing the linkage for future updates of the pre-service curricular with current practice.

The project includes a strong evaluation component that assesses 1) the feasibility of using lecturers as EPI/PHC in-service trainers and supportive supervisors and 2) Impact of new EPI training approach knowledge, attitudes and practice of immunization service providers.

Consultancy Description: 

DCL is seeking a passionate Data Analyst for the STEP-IN project. The consultant will be based in Abuja, Nigeria and the successful candidate will support in the analysis of all relevant data required for related project reports and publications. The Data Analyst will report directly to the Country Director for IVAC, who leads the research and evaluation component of the project.

Specific responsibilities for the Data Analyst include:

  1. Develop data management system and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency
  2. Manage and maintain the databases of primary and secondary data related to the project 
  3. Conduct exploratory data analyses (descriptive statistics, examination distribution, bivariate analysis, multivariate analysis) using appropriate statistical techniques. 
  4. Perform other data exploration and analysis (Likert scale, regression, sample t-test, etc.) as needed
  5. Prepare weekly update (through written reports and presentations) on the progress of data analysis
  6. Maintain proper electronic records of all STEP-IN databases and analytics
  7. Provide technical and analytical support in writing and publishing related publications
  8. Other responsibilities assigned by the research and evaluation lead

You can download the details here on how to apply

GAVI Job Overview

The Immunisation Financing and Sustainability (IF&S) team provides technical expertise to countries, in collaboration with other Gavi secretariat units, especially the Country Support unit whose Senior Country Managers (SCM) manage the grants.  The IF&S team brings strong technical expertise in public and health financing, health systems, aid effectiveness and policy dialogue, financial management and accountability. A priority issue for Gavi-supported countries is to sustain their immunisations services and programs once Gavi phases out its financial support over a period of 5 years (accelerated transition phase) during which countries are expected to move from co-financing to full financing of vaccines.

The Programme Officer (PO) has a key role in the IF&S team in calculating countries’ co-financing requirements and monitoring and reporting country performance. Also the PO will provide immunisation financing trends and performance and support analytical work. The PO will work closely with the Director, Head and Senior Managers in the unit as well as Gavi’s Senior Country Managers (SCM) and Alliance partners, particularly UNICEF Supply Division, to coordinate the implementation of Gavi’s co-financing policy and support countries to ensure sustainable financing for immunisation. The PO will master Gavi’s co-financing, eligibility and transition policies in order to provide substantive support and analysis and proactively engage with other Gavi teams and partners.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

Within the above context, reporting directly to the Director, Immunisation Financing and Sustainability, the PO will work in close liaison with the CP teams, other Gavi departments, and the Alliance partners, the main duties being:

  • Oversee the calculation of countries’ co-financing requirements;
  • Lead interactions with UNICEF Supply Division to monitor country co-financing payments and procurement of vaccines and provide regular progress reports for internal and external platforms as needed;
  • Analyse immunisation and health financing data and information on Gavi countries – prepare co-financing forecasts, immunisation costing and financing projections, fiscal space analyses, GNI projections, and other data analyses as required;
  • Manage integration of the co-financing, eligibility and transition policies into Gavi processes and systems, such as related to the country portal, decision letters, internal databases, participation in the Forecast Group, guidelines, and other processes as required;
  • Advise Gavi’s SCMs on the co-financing policy, ensure timely communication on co-financing requirements, progress, and default status, and implement and monitor payment plans;
  • Support the drafting of key documents on co-financing and financial sustainability, including updates to the Board and Programme & Policy Committee of the Board;
  • Provide substantive support and analysis for relevant countries on implications of Gavi’s co-financing policy and support, prepare country fact sheets, and updates on co-financing activities for country, regional and global level;
  • Provide analyses and input for policy and programme development work as required;
  • Review and provide inputs for Joint Appraisals on co-financing/immunisation financing issues;
  • Participate in country missions as required;
  • Participate in other functional roles as and when required.

You can download the details here on how to apply

VillageReach Regional iSC Position

VillageReach has an exciting opening for a data- and analysis-driven leader for the position of Regional Director, Research & Advocacy (sub-Saharan Africa). As part of global efforts to accelerate countries’ transition to next-generation immunization supply chains, the Regional Director will be responsible for VillageReach’s contribution to the global research agenda around the impact of supply chain on immunization outcomes. This position will lead operations research to gather new country-level evidence, compile existing evidence, and liaise with the global research community to further the use of robust data in the global health sphere. Candidates should have a proven track record in the design, management and utilization of applied research and advocacy efforts, working with stakeholders at all levels. The Regional Director position will ideally be located in sub-Saharan Africa, support projects in multiple locations with travel throughout the region. A Master’s Degree with ten years of relevant experience is required. 

For more information or to apply, please click here

King’s College London Overview

Our current programme of research is looking at health system and frontline level organisation and interventions to improve quality and safety. We define quality through the following dimensions: women’s experience, equity, timeliness, safety, effectiveness and efficiency. Current research includes analysis of models of care, staffing, interventions to aid women and family members’ engagement in safety, particularly around diagnosis, triage, help seeking and staff response and interventions to aid earlier diagnosis and prevention in high and low income countries (measurement of IUGR to prevent stillbirth and high blood pressure and shock). Another stream of work is developing devices to improve safer care during childbirth.


A full time Research Associate position within the Division of Women’s Health at St Thomas’ Campus, King’s College London in the Maternal Health Services and Policy Research Group to work on a research programme on quality and safety in maternity and women’s health.

The closing date for receipt of applications is 18 April 2016…More

OPM Organization Overview

At OPM, we only have four levels of staff. Assistant consultants typically join straight out of post-graduate training. Consultants join with work experience, some management experience, are able to work independently and have a good understanding of the consultancy market place. Senior Consultants are able to take on large management and business strategy responsibilities and Principal Consultants are thought leaders in their area of specialization.


Oxford Policy Management (OPM) is seeking to recruit a full-time staff HEALTH – NUTRITION FINANCING position at the level of ‘Consultant’ or ‘Senior Consultant’ to join our Nutrition Portfolio.

If you were working for us, here are some of the things you would have done last week:
•Debated various approaches to nutrition planning and budgeting in Tajikistan
•Presented the results of analysing budget allocations towards nutrition-sensitive programmes by governments in 30 countries…More