Alma Sana receives Employee Choice Award and additional $25,000 from GSK Save the Children, updates on Alma Sana study

Photo credit: Mazur / Griberg / Gavi

After being selected to receive a share of the $1M Healthcare Innovation Award from the GlaxoSmithKline Save the Children Partnership earlier this year, Alma Sana was voted by more than 1,000 employees across GSK and Save the Children to receive the Employee Choice Award, which awarded us an additional $25,000. We were told Alma Sana was selected for this award out of the four HIA recipients because of the bracelet’s simplicity, tangibility and potential for saving children’s lives, which resonated strongly with people. View GSK’s announcement in this Facebook post and tweet.

GSK Nigeria shared the exciting news in an internal announcement that went out to the entire GSK global staff network. This is the first time an innovation working in Nigeria has been recognized by the HIA award.

Updates on Alma Sana Study

  1. Our Pakistan study completed enrollment in October and is currently in the follow-up phase. Anecdotally we saw that all caregivers who returned for follow-up visits during the enrollment period had the bracelets with them.
  2. Our Nigeria study received IRB approval in December and enrollment begins this month. We received strong support for the project at a national and state level, including from the Executive Director of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA).

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